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Helping Me With My RPG

Author:  tlivingston [ Tue Oct 15, 2002 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Helping Me With My RPG

Before i start, awesome, AWESOME web site. It has really helped me already (but still confused with writing and reading to a file).

I got this wild idea to make a turing rpg game set in a futuristic time where you are one of the last people alive on the planet earth and it is your jobs to defend it.

But before I can continue i have a few problmes (not quite being an

First of all, I need to know how I can save and load variables from "slots" in the game sort of like one would do in games like GTA3 or others.

Also, I was wondering how I could possibly set this up on the internet and how I would go about even having a 2 player arena (where to character sets of variables are loaded in and then they fight).

Last of all, where I can find turing code for an RPG.

Any and all help is GREATLY appreaciated. If you want to email me you can at

Thanks again,


PS- If a could get a copy of the RPG of heard so much about that would be great for ideas.

Author:  Dan [ Wed Oct 16, 2002 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  rpg eh?

1st to use file i/o to store vars is just like you whode do it for text. see totorale here . here is an expame of how it can be done:

code to save an var:

var stremout:int
var vlauetosave1,vlauetosave2,vlauetosave3:int

vlauetosave1 := 56
vlauetosave2 := 23
vlauetosave3 := 78

open: stremout, "myvars",put
put:stremout, vlauetosave1
put:stremout, vlauetosave2
put:stremout, vlauetosave3

code to load an var:

var stremin:int
var vlauetoload1,vlauetoload2,vlauetoload3:int

open: stremin, "myvars",get
get:stremin, vlauetoload1
get:stremin, vlauetoload2
get:stremin, vlauetoload3

put vlauetoload1, " ", vlauetoload2, " ", vlauetoload3

as for the intrent play, that whode be very hrad to do in turing. turing can compunate over a net work inbtwen two computers using the net comand but it is very bugy and i do not reamend it. if you whont to see an expale of the net comand click here .

and if you whont to see an expample of the an good rpg made in turing "QFBT" is the best and only wroking one i have seen. you can find info on it here . it is a litter bugy and it is quite big to down loand with over 5000 lines of code and 130 image files. for a link to download it drectly click here it is a bad host so good luck. if you cant download it try to find me on msn and i can send it to you.

i also have a map editor for that rpg and can send that to you too if you find me on msn. good luck with your rpg in turing your going to need it.

Author:  Tony [ Thu Oct 17, 2002 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  net

Pesonally I found an alternative to be CGI.

Since I can't afford to buy a dedicated server just to test out my games, I though of using CGI in conjunction with MySQL to set up a vertual server.

Though I'm not sure on Turing's handling of CGI... might be hugely bugged or not work at all... But its worth a shot if you dont want to learn a better langage.

Author:  tlivingston [ Sun Oct 20, 2002 8:52 pm ]
Post subject:  thanxs a lot

first of all, how would i go about using sprites like in your game

i mean like i now how to put them in and all but how would i go about using them....would i get the background sprite to move or would you just have all of your sprites the same size as your screen....

also, how could i go about playing avi files or any file it possible, if so it would be great to know how....thanxs again


Author:  Tony [ Mon Oct 21, 2002 7:10 pm ]
Post subject: 

For sprites, I sujest moving the small once. Knowing turing's 'speed'... well, you'll regret trying to move a whole background.

Its better to program RPG in format of rooms where your characters moves and background stays. As soon as you exit the screen, you end up in another room.

That should save you on memory and speed of the game.

I'll reply video question in your other post