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Perpixel Collisions (with Particles)

Author:  Catalyst [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  Perpixel Collisions (with Particles)

heres a little demo i made of perpixel collisions using a screen array

Author:  Tony [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 1:39 pm ]
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Very Happy

this has to be the best one you've done yet. Very very impresive...


Author:  Prince [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 4:37 pm ]
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Catalyst, do us all a favour and quit showin off Razz ... lol, im jus playin

Author:  Tony [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 5:22 pm ]
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come on PrInCe_, let Catalyst do what he does best. He's awesome at programming and we all can learn a lot from him.

Author:  Asok [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:58 pm ]
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*bows to Catalyst*
What is your will master? Rolling Eyes

Seriously though, this is incredible. The turing comunity benefits from you.

Author:  Martin [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:02 pm ]
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Just curious, where'd you learn how to program?

Author:  Martin [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:05 pm ]
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You should try to make the falling pixels reflect at the angle that they hit the ground. Nice work though Very Happy

Author:  Catalyst [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 7:36 pm ]
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i learned to program at BRDHS in essex, illl try the falling pixels, i have an idea hwo to do it

Author:  Martin [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 9:31 pm ]
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That's cool, wish ya luck...I'd just check the pixels to the left and right of it...oh, and make the bouncing pixels bounce a bit too Surprised

Author:  Catalyst [ Thu Apr 10, 2003 10:02 pm ]
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they have the capabilty to bounce more (they have a life span) but i cut it off so i could have a constant stream of particles

Author:  jamez [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 12:34 pm ]
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i owudltn mind seeing the code for that Very Happy

Author:  Catalyst [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 7:51 pm ]
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here a modded version of the one i posted
i call it rain,
ull need to pics from the first post but here the exe....

left click to make that area impassable, then right click to make passable gain

Author:  octopi [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 7:59 pm ]
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Hmmm, Nice work, what about making a version called snow?....perhaps the snow could stay on the ground forever, and pile up....then it would really be a canadian program,...... Eh... (sorry, couldn't help myself.)

No but seriously, I wouldn't mind seeing a snow version, if its not too much work.

Author:  Catalyst [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:00 pm ]
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wont be much work, changing the first one to rain only took like 5 lines
ill give it a shot

Author:  Catalyst [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:22 pm ]
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i did it, snow
it is completely inefficient and eventually slow to a halt but it works
i know a btter way to do but it takes too much time to debug

Author:  Dan [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:28 pm ]
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did you inlcude all the files? it did not run on my computer Confused

Author:  Catalyst [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:35 pm ]
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you have to use the files from the first post with it

Author:  octopi [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:40 pm ]
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Thats wicked....does tend to eat a bit of cpu, and memory, lol.

98% cpu right now
14mb of memory...

thats only after 3 minutes of running

Author:  Dan [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:43 pm ]
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well dont i look dum, lol.

any way that is one of the most impresive things i have see in truing. you got some good skills there Wink .

Author:  jamez [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 8:55 pm ]
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wow, very nice catalyst Very Happy

Author:  Catalyst [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 10:40 pm ]
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i fixed it!!!

it is stable now, altho the moon erases itself....

Author:  octopi [ Mon Apr 14, 2003 10:46 pm ]
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NICE, no more memory problems, ....who cares about the moon anyways, lol.

for those interested in pointless facts:
it took 1 minute, and 47 seconds for the moon to completely disappear.

Still runs at 98-100% cpu (but what turing program doesn't)
And it stays at a constant 12,740K of memory.

nice work!

Author:  Prince [ Tue Apr 15, 2003 9:50 am ]
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wher r u gettin this info from octopi

Author:  octopi [ Tue Apr 15, 2003 3:29 pm ]
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The cpu, and memory?

From taskmanager (windows nt,2000, xp)
Press control-alt-del, and then the arrow key right 4 times, then press enter, or just click where it says "Task Manager", you then want to click on the "Processes" tab, and then look for snow2.exe, or what ever program you want to know about, and then just look at the information it shows about it.

Author:  DJ [ Sat May 24, 2003 3:43 pm ]
Post subject:  5 weeks later...

just taking a look at some old programs and this is the most amazing!
hey, i'm new here

Author:  Homer_simpson [ Sat May 24, 2003 5:13 pm ]
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hmmmm... nice work...
but one thing... there's a change u could make in yer bouncing:
no mather where the particle hits it bounces the same way, for example if it hits a perfectly flat surface or a verysteep surface it will bounce back the same way =/

Author:  Catalyst [ Sat May 24, 2003 9:23 pm ]
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i know
i decided to take the lazy way out and not do real collision physics