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Problem with 2 Processes (1 for, 1 get) - Please help

Author:  CoRruPt- [ Tue Jun 08, 2004 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Problem with 2 Processes (1 for, 1 get) - Please help


process a
for decreasing x: 60..1
put x..
end for
end a

process b
var whatever: string
put "Blah blah"..
get whatever
end b

fork a
fork b

Well, I have a problem with process, for and get. See, I want to locate the get in a specific location (in this case, (15,15)). The for is also located specifically (1,1). However, when the for script runs (a counting down "effect"), the get variable is relocated next to the running for. Is there any way to fix the get to a specific spot and not have it move around? And is there any way to remove the get prompt without the user having to type anything (ie: disappears after x seconds)?

Thanks in advance.

Author:  Tony [ Tue Jun 08, 2004 11:09 am ]
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you don't use processes. bad bad CoRuPt- Laughing

seriously, processes mess things up since they're random. As in the order in which each line gets executed is random, so at first it will locate (1,1) from a, then locate(14,15) from b then back to put x from a... and x ends up in the middle of the screen Rolling Eyes

Keep it all together man

var temp : string := ""
var c : string (1)
var counter : int := 60
var sysTime1, sysTime2 : int

sysTime1 := Time.Elapsed
    exit when counter < 0
    sysTime2 := Time.Elapsed
    if sysTime2 > (sysTime1 + 1000) then
        sysTime1 := Time.Elapsed
        counter -= 1
    end if
    locate (1, 1)
    put counter

    if hasch then
        getch (c)
        temp += c
    end if

    locate (14, 15)
    put temp
end loop