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Cogeco Upload

Author:  Martin [ Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Cogeco Upload

Anyone know how I can boost my upload with cogeco? I dl at around 600-800kb/s, but my upload won't break 20kb/s ever....and this is bugging me. I'm on a 10mbps cable connection. Thanks.

Author:  Paul [ Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:17 pm ]
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It might not be your ISP's problem, my upload speed was very low b4 too. In a LAN, it was 20kb/s max, then I heard from someone that ethernet cables (the wires inside) had to be twisted, ordered in a certain sequence, to work properly. My dad twisted it according to instructions, and the upload went up 10 times.

Author:  Dan [ Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:25 pm ]
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just b/c u have a 10mb modem dose not mean you will get 10mb upload or download speed. for exaplm sympacios modems are 10mb to but the best posable dl speed u could get on spympacio HSE (not untral) is 3mb. this is b/c it is caped at there end. the same thing gose for upload. almost all ISPs i have seen do not have as high upload speeds as download. with sypactio the best dl i have goten is 2.5mb and the best upload is around 600kb.

there is realy no way to fix this unless there is a proablm with your net setings, modume, cable or netwrok hubs. (if it is caped at the modem u could un cap it but then u will be talking to the RMCP in a few days) ushly it is caped at there end.

if u just are takling about LAN upload then there is deftaly somting wrong. most LAN netwroks are 10/100 but u have to rember that they slow down to the lowest one when. i have a 1gb netwrok card in my lap top but since my netwrok is only 100 it slows down to match it. also for LAN trafers bad cords, hubs, routers and swtichs could play a factor too.

you may whont to see for some ideas on how to tweak any setings that may not be right.