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Author:  FearSonic [ Mon Apr 05, 2004 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Animation and Game Related Help

Hello! I am just about to get started on my Grade 10 Computer Science ISU Project. Seeing as how I had Computer Engineering last semester, the teacher said I had to do way more than a simple animated city. So here I am, required to make an interactive city, or a game, and I think a game would suit me best. I have the following idea for a game, but am not quite sure how to put it together.

- Two space stations on opposite sides of the screen
- Two player game, where they control a turret on each of the space stations
- Drones are spawned from each space station, and are uncontrollable, but what they do is fly towards the other space station in an attempt to destroy it, will kamikaze into it
- As the scores go up, your units upgrade into stronger, faster units

- At two million points, a nuke can be built and launched at the other space station, causing massive damage, but can be shot down after a lot of damage dealt to it
- OR -
- At two million points, you can buy a rechargeable energy shield, it won't take unlimited damage, but has enough to hold off a nuke or as much damage as a nuke
- OR -
- At two million points, you can buy a field of mines, which can take down individual ships but you need 4 or 5 to destroy a nuke

- At level one, fighters spawn for you, and zoom towards the enemy
- At level two, fighters spawn, along with a few bombers
- At level three, bombers spawn for you
- At level four, bombers spawn for you, along with a few destroyers
- At level five, destroyers spawn for you
- At level six, destroyers spawn for you, along with a few battleships
- At level seven, battleships spawn for you
- At level eight, battleships spawn for you, along with a few carriers
- At level nine, carriers spawn for you

The only special ship is the carrier, which is a mini spawn, as it will go towards the enemy space station, then begin launching mini fighters from it.

- Levels will be exponential, you can advance from level one to level two within 30 000 points, and level two to level three within 90 000 points, it's always 3 times itself.

To destroy the other space station, you can't shoot the other person's space station, but you must destroy their ships so that your ships will have no opposition. The ships will collide with the opposing space station, and slowly destroy them, when the health bar is 0, then game over.
Okay, so I've stated everything I think I need! Does anyone have any place for me to start from?[/b][/list]

Author:  Paul [ Mon Apr 05, 2004 9:42 pm ]
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um... wow, complicated, it would be simpler if you just made the drones be balls of different color that bounces, and can only hit the enemy, the turret can be like a laser which has a definate range, and can be moved using the trigonometric functions (I guess)... the upgrades I don't really know.

Author:  FearSonic [ Tue Apr 06, 2004 6:47 am ]
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Isn't there a way I can draw them in Flash, and import them in, and STILL have some way to have them fly around crashing into stuff?

Author:  Tony [ Tue Apr 06, 2004 11:50 am ]
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well if flash exports to .bmp or .jpg you can Confused

Paul Bian - has the right idea though - first get it to work with basic Draw.FillOval()s and then when your physics are working you can stick pictures on top