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GUI questions

Author:  overkill [ Wed Mar 24, 2004 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  GUI questions

Would anyone be able to tell me how I can modify Turing's GUI code to allow GUI.GetText() from a GUI.TextBox()? I'd appreciate this greatly, as I want to at least be able to make an in-Turing cut & paste. This is for an Turing IRC client, which also includes an "execute button", to allow it to run links. I'd prefer not post my code, as all I really want is a GUI improvement that Holt Soft doesn't include.

Author:  Delos [ Wed Mar 24, 2004 6:03 pm ]
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Holt Soft (Turing Help):

A text box is a box used for displaying text. It has scroll bars that activate when text appears outside the border of the text box. The user cannot directly select, edit or modify the text in the text box.

So, as you can see...selection is out of the question. But, here's a possible sol'n.

I'm guessing you'll have a text field to type into?
Ok, well let's call it textField. I'm typing into it. I type "Hello" and press enter. "Hello" is sent to the textbox (Called textBox) on screen.
I am now happy that my friend knows I've said hello.

The chatting continues for a while. Then I want to repeat what I just said, w/out retyping

Let me start by asking you this. Does the word DOSKEY mean anything to you?

This is how it would work:
Each time 'Enter' is pressed, the contents of textField are sent to textBox, but at the same time stored in an array/file (line by line of course). Whenever text wants to be recalled, press 'Up' (you may need a KeyEventHandler or at least a key stroke handler to check for this) and the previous element/line of the array/file will be put into textField using a GUI.SetText (and a GUI.SetSelection to highlight the whole box...just for a 1337 effect).
'Enter' can be pressed, and the text will be once again (as per usual) sent to textBox.

If this still makes no sense to you, open up a command prompt window, type in DOSKEY. Then type a few random lines (enter after each), after which press the up key. Lo and behold, the lines will appear.

Author:  ReN3g@de [ Mon Apr 12, 2004 5:54 pm ]
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i have a question of my own about GUI...

why doesn't GUI.Alert work??
it says: " 'Alert' is not in the export list of 'GUI' "
the program i am making needs to use alert boxes with custom messages and now it dont wanna work... any suggestions?

Author:  pgartenburg [ Mon Apr 19, 2004 12:17 pm ]
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To Whom it May Concern,

we are using Turing 4.0.5 and are trying to pass a procedure with parameters to the procedure GUI.CreateButtonFull. When the procedure does NOT have parameters, the procedure works fine, but when we try to add parameters we get the error message "'DrawRandomCircle' is a procedure call and hence does not return a value".

button (i, j) := GUI.CreateButtonFull (a, b, 0, " ", DrawRandomCircle (i,j), 0, '^D', true)

But this does not (even when the procedure definition is changed appropriately):
button (i, j) := GUI.CreateButtonFull (a, b, 0, " ", DrawRandomCircle, 0, '^D', true)

Any thoughts on this?

Author:  Tony [ Mon Apr 19, 2004 12:46 pm ]
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well it's suppost to be a procedure identifier for that argument...

try keeping () even if you don't have any arguments for the procedure call

button (i, j) := GUI.CreateButtonFull (a, b, 0, " ", DrawRandomCircle(), 0, '^D', true)

see if that works