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GFX-PRO Wallpaper 2 BLUE

Author:  Amailer [ Sat Mar 13, 2004 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  GFX-PRO Wallpaper 2 BLUE
HEHE Very Happy

Author:  zylum [ Sat Mar 13, 2004 6:25 pm ]
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the middle area with the scanlines is pretty sexeh 8)

but i think the top and bottom parts need a bit more.... just my oppinion...


Author:  Mazer [ Sat Mar 13, 2004 7:38 pm ]
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I agree with zylum, freaking great but the sudden change from a detailed area to a gradient area is odd. Still, I like it.

Author:  Amailer [ Sun Mar 14, 2004 1:43 am ]
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idea's on what to change it to? or add on those areas?

Author:  Maverick [ Mon Mar 15, 2004 12:52 am ]
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Wow very nice picture!!!!!!! well done.

Author:  jonos [ Thu Mar 18, 2004 12:02 am ]
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you should add a crazy little character guy in blue, or in sharp contrast to the blue colours you are using that is surrounded by a glow of some kind. i dunno.

Author:  PaddyLong [ Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:57 pm ]
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jonos man.... you are seriously stupid

Author:  jonos [ Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:38 am ]
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first of all, state facts to support your deranged point of view or opinion of me... second of all, that is considered spam, and though i am spamming now to rebute what you just said, so my spam is justified.

why the hell would you say i was stupid? i was saying something that i thought would be funny, or would look good. you have no right to question or slam my sense of humour or what i believe to look good, though you would have the right if you could actually back it up.

the fact that you just called me stupid is actually very sad, not considering the context you used it in. your ignorance towards who i really am, and what i am like afffects the validity of your statement.

if you didn't mean it to be something that would offend me, then im sorry for this, but i took offence, and you should be more careful next time, because spam is usually not appreciated (though i do spam a lot), but spam insults without facts to back them up is just crazy. please, be careful next time, im not stupid, you aren't either, so don't act like it.

Author:  Amailer [ Fri Mar 19, 2004 1:06 am ]
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Please, PM each other Wink