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3L Tanks

Author:  dropdembits [ Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  3L Tanks

Hello all!
This is a game I made in Turing as a culminating project for a computer class.
This game is inspired by the flash game "AZ-Tanks"

Shoot the other tanks to win!

Red Tank
W, S - Drive forwards / backwards
A, D - Rotate Left / Right
Q - Shoot cannon ball

Blue Tank
I, K - Drive forwards / backwards
J, L - Rotate Left / Right
U - Shoot cannon ball

Green Tank
Up Arrow, Down Arrow - Drive forwards / backwards
Left Arrow, Right Arrow - Rotate Left / Right
Control - Shoot cannon ball

Yellow Tank
Point the mouse cursor into the direction you want to drive in, then hold Right Mouse Button to drive the tank towards that direction
Click Left Mouse Button to shoot a cannon ball

The link to all of the source files is here

Executable, source, and user documentation is available in the attachment