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whats all involved in building an forum?

Author:  myrtlehandel [ Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  whats all involved in building an forum?


Im currently looking for some advice. The hell with forums already built. Let me know if my questions is way beyond the knowledge. What is all required in building an entire forum from scratch?? What programming languages are required?? Whats involved in building the md5 hashes for a forum?? Is C Programming required to build an forum?? Is C++?? Is Javascript?? What about HTML, XHTML, XSL, XML, PHP MySQL, SQL databases?? What in order would i need to learn first?? Whats all involved in the coding part?? From everything i need to learn, what is the best books to get for someone has a learning disability and hard to learn?? I can not mention the place i will be getting books online. If someone wants to know more about where i would be getting the books from please leave behind an valid email.

Next set of questions.

Whats all involved in building an GUI OS (Operating System)?? thats all my questions.