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Help me Choose a University

Author:  DarkShadeKnight [ Fri May 20, 2016 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Help me Choose a University

Hey i am currently in Grade 12 and have been to accepted to most programs i wanted. My top priority for University is hire-ability once i finish and the co-op it offers. From what i heard Waterloo is number one at that, however I was not accepted for CS at Waterloo instead i was offered Geomatics(Not a fan of geography so will most likely turn down). Other Universities to accept me were: UOIT, UofT at Scarbrough, University of Ottawa, Nippising University, Ryerson University and York University. All accepted me for their co-op Computer Science programs and now I need to choose. I am leaning towards Ottawa due to a 3k scholarship they offered me, but i also like the idea of York due to the ability to take some electives at Schulich school of business there. So please help me decide.
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