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University Programs - Choices and indecision...

Author:  MadiAraly [ Mon May 16, 2016 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  University Programs - Choices and indecision...

Hey there,

At the moment, I'm finishing up my last semester of Grade 11 in Canada, meaning in about 5 months, I'll be sending out my first university applications. I'm going to have to format this pretty bluntly, as I feel it gets my point across best. Wink

My interests:
-Artificial Intelligence; How computers think, learn, and how hardware and (mainly) software can affect this.
-Video Game Design

The programs I have an eye for:
-Computer Science (Masters or PhD in Quantum Information? Or simply a plain Masters or PhD.)
-Software Engineering
-Mechatronics Engineering
-Computer Engineering(?)

My top school is Waterloo, where I will be applying to all of these programs. In order of appearance...
>I am considering specializing in Quantum Information for a comp sci Masters or PhD because I have a fascination with quantum physics, and initially, a physicist was my first career choice. This has been a massive interest of mine for four years now.
>Software Engineering appeals to me because it deals with computer science and computer engineering (or so I've heard) combined, and offers a rigid program for learning how code is structured, developed, and maintained. I love structure.
>Mechatronics Engineering involves aspects of programming with building physical creations, meaning a robot is not out of reach. As I said, AI captivates me, so implementing knowledge of this into a physical object would be phenomenal.
>Computer Engineering is another consideration of mine because Waterloo's "Engineering Quiz" constantly suggests it (second to Software), but I am concerned that it would not offer enough software or programming (excluding basic programming) to interest me.

Any advice is much appreciated. I will be applying to other schools, too, however none have the same place in my heart as Waterloo. If you're more familiar with these programs, or know an additional one that may interest me, please let me know. Thanks so much! Very Happy