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Exciting Artificial Intelligence Programming Challenge

Author:  Semicolon [ Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Exciting Artificial Intelligence Programming Challenge

Calling on members of,

We want you to participate in an exciting, unconventional, and super hipster CS competition. Spleef Challenge is a programming competition based on the AI Challenges hosted by the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club. Since UW's AI Challenge hasn't been run in several years, we feel the need for a new competition. Unlike the UW AI Challenge however, this competition is designed for high school senior-leveled CS students looking to challenge themselves. This challenge breaks conventions in CS competitions, in that there is no definitive method/answer that we look for. Your AI bots will be pitched against each other in an open, logical battle to the death, where winner takes all, and all other participants will be executed (jk lol). Details, rules, and sign up information are available at

Happy coding!