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Conway's Game of Life and Minesweeper

Author:  chunnn_li [ Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Conway's Game of Life and Minesweeper

Hey guys, just thought I'd like to submit some programs I made back in my ICS class...
Just run the file in the src folder for both programs
[url='s_Game_of_Life]Conway's game of life[/url] is a simulation proposed by Conway, and has some interesting mathematical patterns, feel free to look inside the code and change things up a little to experiment.
I use the standard rules that Conway originally proposed, however you can change these by modifying code in the advance method (inside the file), and the size of the game can be specified in the constructor (I left a little comment on specifics of the parameters).
The game is quite interesting, me and my friends spend a long time watching black and white patterns on our computer screen grow, as well as trying different configurations to see what kind of life forms you can get. Try loading the gosper_glider_gun as an example.
Oh yea, and I forgot to mention you can left click and right click to add and delete cells. To make it more realistic, I believe there's an 80% chance of the eradication/copulation of a new cell working, although if you double click on a single cell it will be 100%. For full detailed instructions, I believe there's a readme file in there.

And minesweeper is pretty standard, I was just bored one day and decided to recreate it in Java. Also, my PC at that time did not have minesweeper for some reason, and I missed it very much. Unfortunately, it's missing a few features, and the timer is a little ugly, and extreme mode lags (although if you can beat extreme mode then you probably play minesweeper too much and should stop : P)