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i don't know what's turing saying

Author:  appling [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  i don't know what's turing saying

Confused what's wrong with my program when turing display "illegal parameter" and "number of parameters is invalid". Question Question

Author:  Azzy [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 2:15 pm ]
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not all too good at explaining stuff so if someone else wants to continue this go ahead.

"number of parameters is invalid" means that you have too many parameters in a code.
for example.say you have a a code that only needs 2 parameters.if you have 3 it'll say "number of parameters is invalid".

now for "illegal parameter".i think that means it isn't the right kind of say for an x'll say that if it's a string or boolean.

Author:  thoughtful [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 2:45 pm ]
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These errors occur when a function or procedure or module that you are calling requires a certain type of parameter.(rules) but you are not following those rules.
These errors can occur if your dont have all the values that it needs or if it needs an integer you r giving it a string or a real. So check you program...or you can post it here so we can help you fix the problem

Author:  appling [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 2:50 pm ]
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now i see
thanks for your help

Author:  Andy [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 5:22 pm ]
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doesnt turing highlight the part you should fix? man i miss that in vc

Author:  Tony [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:28 pm ]
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VC++ tells you on which line of code error occured in your debugg window Rolling Eyes dodge- you soo lazy Laughing

Author:  Andy [ Sun Nov 09, 2003 8:38 pm ]
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oh i knew that tony, but see its kinda hard to spot ur mistake when debugging 150 charactered lines...