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Not a new concept, but ill try to do it right...

Author:  newtypemedia [ Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:18 am ]
Post subject:  Not a new concept, but ill try to do it right...

Just joined this forum today after reading some posts and thought I would join your compsci community. Now i have an idea however its something i cant do alone. Now i know there are many sites out there like and which offer streaming audio and video solutions... however for most "non-geeks" this is rediculously difficult to configure and set up.
to see my newest server visit
this is my streaming shoutcast server running with these specs,
now id like to set up an in depth newb tutorial including preconfigured files for people who just wanna play their own music and share it with the world without the hassle or even reading the programs readme (heaven forbid...) Thing is I'd like to set up a way for them to register their streams with my site so when their server is up and running it will display the stats on my main page. I want a list of users servers, a link to listen to them and the currently playing song along with how many listeners are currently listening.
generally i have about 2 to 3 listeners whom i dont know listening to my stream (mostly from germany or usa) and i would really like to expand the site and watch it grow into a full community of simple streams where new music can easily be discovered. The reason i feel this is such a great idea is because 1. much lower bandwidth and hard drive space for my host and 2. it gives the dj/server a sense of control and it is exciting.

anyways if you'd like to help me out on this venture im sure i can handle the interface and programming, I just need users! maybe once i get a couple interested fellow compsci users Ill post it on digg and we can all watch it take off.