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Need help with my site

Author:  Delta [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Need help with my site

On mysite Click here to view the site an annoying frame(ad) added by lycos is ruining everything. Does anyone know how I can get rid of or bypass this ad.

Author:  PaddyLong [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 5:33 pm ]
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Lycos hosts PHP??

I don't really think there is an easy way to get around those adds that free hosts put up... I never really saw the big deal with getting rid of them... I mean they are offering you a free service, why not give them some credit or let them put up ads that they will benefit from?

Author:  octopi [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 6:59 pm ]
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Something like this doesn't work?

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
if(top != self) {
        top.location = location

Author:  nate [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:05 pm ]
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does every1 copy compsci now!!!??

Author:  krishon [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:35 pm ]
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i dun't think there really is a way. u could try and set ur comp up as a server and then make a web page from there. The positives are no ads, u control it all and its free Very Happy

Author:  JSBN [ Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:58 pm ]
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hmm.. that must be new, cause they used to only have banners. hmm.... guess they saw that pll. using php had no adds on their sites :/

Author:  poly [ Fri Jun 06, 2003 7:57 pm ]
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wtf?!?!?! i have a account and I had it for just learning PHP and stuff and I have yet to ever see an add like that for php pages. The one i know of is the one with the blue ad up top and u hit the "X" to close it and it only shows up like every 1 in 5 views or something like that.

We'll Delta there is a very simple way of getting rid of that ad. PAY for hosting. Like PaddyLong said, they are offering a free service and for a free host to offer you PHP is bit rare, so be grateful for that.