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increase font size help !!!!!!!

Author:  WooFerPPK [ Mon Nov 18, 2002 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  increase font size help !!!!!!!


for decreasing count : 60 .. 1
    fontselect := "Freestyle Script:" + intstr (count)
    font1 := Font.New (fontselect)

    move := move + 1
    text := "TENNIS TEAM" (1 .. 11)

    Draw.Text (text, maxx div 2 - 87, maxy div 2 - 25, font1, 12)
    delay (10)

    Draw.Text (text, maxx div 2 - 87, maxy div 2 - 25, font1, green)
    Font.Free (font1)
end for

that will make the font shrink from the positon its in
i want it to shrink each letter at a time
ie/ HELL0

pls help

Author:  Tony [ Tue Nov 19, 2002 1:00 am ]
Post subject: 

so then you first declear all the fonts (from 1 to size of string) then run a for loop as this:

for i=1 to length(text)
end for

as the for loop increases, the fontid changes (make sure fonts are in an array)

also a good estimate of the position of X is number of letters * fontsize... So since its gonna be changing, I recomend counter... as

X:= X + (length(text)-i) + (note here)

in note here part you put w/e value you'd have to add to length of the text to get largest font size. This is assuming that fonts decrease by 1.

length(text) - i
gives size of the font and
note here
part gives the base size increasement... well it depends on how you declear your fonts.

Hope you understand