Time.ElapsedCPUPart of Time module

Syntax   Time.ElapsedCPU : int

Description   The Time.ElapsedCPU function is used on a multitasking system such as UNIX to determine the amount of time that has been used by this program (process). The number of central processor milliseconds assigned to this program is returned. This is of little use on a personal computer, where Time.ElapsedCPU returns the same value as Time.Elapsed.

Example   On a UNIX system, this program tells you how much time it has used.

        var timeUsed : int
        timeUsed := Time.ElapsedCPU
        put "This program has used ", timeUsed,
                " milliseconds of CPU time"
Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Time.ElapsedCPU, not by calling ElapsedCPU.

See also   Time.Elapsed and Time.Delay subprograms.