Syntax   strintok ( s : string [ , base : int ] ) : boolean

Description   The strintok function is used determine whether the strint function can be used to convert the string to an integer without causing an error. If the string can be successfully converted, then strintok returns true, otherwise it returns false.

String s should consist of a possibly null sequence of blanks, then an optional plus or minus sign, and finally a sequence of one or more digits. For number bases larger than 10, the digits can include a, b, c (alternately A, B, C ) which represent the digit values 10, 11, 12 If s is correctly constructed, then strnatok will return true, otherwise it returns false. The base, if given, must be in the range 2 to 36 (36 because there are 10 base ten digits and 26 letters). For example, strintok ("FF", 16) = true.

See also   strint function that does the actual conversion.