randintrandom integer procedure

Syntax   randint ( var i : int, low, high : int )

Description   The randint statement is used to create a pseudo-random integer in the range low to high, inclusive. For example, if i is an integer, after randint(i,1, 10), i would have a value such as 7 or 2 or 10.

Example   This program simulates the repeated rolling of a six sided die.

        var roll : int
            randint ( i, 1, 6 )
            put "Rolled ", i
        end loop
Details   The randint statement sets its parameter to the next value of a sequence of pseudo-random integers that approximates a uniform distribution over the range low =i = high. It is required that low = high.

Each time a program runs, randint uses the same pseudo-random number sequence. To get a different sequence (actually, to start the sequence at a different point), use the randomize procedure.

To use several sequences of repeatable pseudo-random number sequences, use the randseed and randnext procedures.

See also   rand, randomize, randseed and randnext.