Pic.HeightPart of Pic module

Syntax   Pic.Height (picID : int) : int

Description   Pic.Height returns the width in pixels of the picture represented by picID.

This function is often used in conjunction with Pic.Width to obtain the dimensions of a picture loaded using Pic.FileNew.

Example   The program draws loads a picture from the file lighthouse.jpg and proceeds to tile the entire run window with copies of the picture.

        var pic : int := Pic.FileNew ("lighthouse.jpg")
        var width : int := Pic.Width (pic)
        var height : int := Pic.Height (pic)
        var x, y : int := 0
            exit when y > maxy
                exit when x > maxx
                Pic.Draw (pic, x, y, picCopy)
                x := x + width
            end loop
            x := 0
            y := y + height
        end loop
Output of Example Program


Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Pic.Height, not by calling Height.

See also   Pic.Width to obtain a picture's width and Pic.FileNew to load a picture from a graphics file.