Music.PlayFileStopPart of Music module

Syntax   Music.PlayFileStop

Description   The Music.PlayFileStop procedure is used to to stop all music files currently playing. This includes processes that are executing the Music.PlayFile procedure (they exit immediately and start executing the next statement in the process), and the Music.PlayFileReturn and Music.PlayFileLoop statements, which simply stop playing the music.

Details   In Turing, a program will not halt execution until all processes have terminated. This means that if you are playing background music, the program will not terminate, even if execution returns from the main program unless the background music is halted.

Example   This program plays the background music for 30 seconds and then terminates. Note that it is important to set the flag (finished) before calling Music.PlayFileStop. If Music.PlayFileStop comes first, it is possible for the process to return from Music.PlayFile, loop around, skip over the exit when, and call Music.PlayFile again before the finished flag is set.

        var finished : boolean := false

	% Loop playing background music until 'finished' is true.
        process BackgroundMusic
                exit when finished
                Music.PlayFile ("background.mid")
            end loop
        end BackgroundMusic
        fork BackgroundMusic    % Start the background music
        Time.Delay (30000)  % Wait for 30 seconds
        % Stop the background music.
        finished := true        % The flag must be set first
        Music.PlayFileStop  % Music.PlayFile will return immediately

See also   Music.PlayFile for playing music files and a larger example.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Music.PlayFileStop, not by calling PlayFileStop.