haschhas character function

Syntax   hasch : boolean

Description   The hasch procedure is used to determine if there is a character that has been typed but not yet been read.

Example   This program simulates the rolling of a pair of dice until the user pressed the keyboard.

        put "Press any key to stop the dice rolling"
        var die1, die2 : int
        var ch : string (1)
            exit when hasch
            randint (die1, 1, 6)
            randint (die2, 1, 6)
            locate (1, 1)
            put "You rolled ", die1 + die2
        end loop
        getch (ch)    % Discard the character


Details   The screen should be in a "graphics" mode. See the setscreen procedure for details. If the screen is not in "graphics" mode, it will automatically be set to "graphics" mode.

If there is the possibility that there are already keystrokes in the keyboard buffer, the Input.Flush command can be used to flush the keyboard buffer (remove all keystrokes from the buffer) before entering the loop to check for input.

See also   getch and getchar.

See also the Input.Flush command for flushing the keyboard buffer.

See also predefined unit Input.