GUI.SetLabelPart of GUI module

Syntax   GUI.SetLabel (widgetID : int, text : string)

Description   Changes the text of a widget specified by widgetID to text. This procedure can accept a button, check box, radio button, label, or a labelled frame widget as the widgetID parameter.

In most cases, if the text will not fit in the widget's current size, the widget will be resized to fit the text. If the widget was made larger to fit the text and then the text is changed, the widget will be resized as appropriate for the original width specified and the new text.

Example   The following program changes the text in the button whenever a keystroke occurs. When the text is changed back to "Quit", the button assumes a width of 100 again.

        import GUI in "%oot/lib/GUI"
        View.Set ("graphics:220;50")
        var short : boolean := true
        var button : int
        procedure KeyHandler (ch : char)
            if short then
                GUI.SetLabel (button, "Press This Button to Quit")
                GUI.SetLabel (button, "Quit")
            end if
            short := not short
        end KeyHandler
        GUI.SetKeyEventHandler (KeyHandler)
        button := GUI.CreateButton (10, 5, 100, "Quit", GUI.Quit)
            exit when GUI.ProcessEvent
        end loop
Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling GUI.SetLabel, not by calling SetLabel.

See also   GUI.CreateButton, GUI.CreateCheckBox, GUI.CreateRadioButton, GUI.CreateLabel, and GUI.CreateLabelledFrame.