GUI.SetColorPart of GUI module

Syntax   GUI.SetColor (widgetID : int, clrNumber : int)

Description   The GUI.SetColor procedure is used buttons to change the color of a button. The color is specified by the clrNumber parameter. The edges of the button are a darker version of the color specified by clrNumber, so in general you should use brighter colors for buttons.

Example   This program displays three buttons with different colors.

        import GUI

        procedure DoNothing
        end DoNothing

        var b1 := GUI.CreateButton (100, 100, 0, "Push Me", DoNothing)
        GUI.SetColor (b1, brightred)
        var b2 := GUI.CreateButton (100, 140, 0, "Push Me", DoNothing)
        GUI.SetColor (b2, brightgreen)
        var b3 := GUI.CreateButton (100, 180, 0, "Push Me", DoNothing)
        GUI.SetColor (b3, brightblue)

            exit when GUI.ProcessEvent
        end loop


Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling GUI.SetColor, not by calling SetColor.