File.RenamePart of File module

Syntax   File.Rename (srcPathName, destName : string)

Description   File.Copy renames a file or directory named by the srcPathName parameter to the destName parameter. The destName parameter must be a name only. In other words File.Rename can't move a file between different directories.

Details   If the File.Rename call fails, then Error.Last will return a non-zero value indicating the reason for the failure. Error.LastMsg will return a string which contains the textual version of the error.

Example   This program renames the file "/usr/west/example" to "testcase"

        File.Rename ("/usr/west/example", "testcase")
        if Error.Last = eNoError then
            put "File renamed"
            put "Did not rename the file."
            put "Error: ", Error.LastMsg
        end if
Execute   An example program is available that creates a file in the current directory, renames it to a different name using File.Rename, checks the existence of both files using File.Exists and then deletes the file using File.Delete.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling File.Rename, not by calling Rename.