File.ExistsPart of File module

Syntax   File.Exists (pathName : string) : boolean

Description   File.Exists returns true if a file by the name of pathName exists. It will return false if pathName is a directory.

Details   If the File.Exists returns false, you can examine Error.Last or Error.LastMsg for more information (i.e. whether the path failed or the file was simply not found).

Example   This program loops until the user types in a path name that either doesn't already exist or is allowed to be overwritten.

        var pathName : string
        var choice : string
            put "Enter file name to write results to" ..
            get pathName
            if File.Exists (pathName) then
                put "Overwrite ", pathName, "?" ..
                get choice
                exit when choice = "y"
            end if
        end loop
Execute   An example program is available that creates a file in the current directory, tests for its existence using File.Exists and deletes the file using File.Delete.

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling File.Exists, not by calling Exists.