drawlinegraphics procedure

Syntax   drawline (x1, y1, x2, y2, Color : int)

Description   The drawline procedure is used to draw a line on the screen from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) using the specified Color.

Example   This program draws a large X, reaching to each corner of the screen using color number 1. The maxx and maxy functions are used to determine the maximum x and y values on the screen. The point (0,0) is the left bottom of the screen, (maxx, maxy) is the right top, etc.

        setscreen ("graphics")
        % First draw a line from the left bottom to right top
        drawline (0, 0, maxx, maxy, 1) 
        % Now draw a line from the left top to right bottom
        drawline (0, maxy, maxx, 0, 1)

Details   The meaning of the Color number depends on the current palette. See the palette statement.

The screen should be in a "graphics" mode. See the setscreen procedure for details. If the screen is not in a "graphics" mode, it will automatically be set to "graphics" mode.

See also   setscreen, maxx, maxy and the various draw… procedures.