Dir.ClosePart of Dir module

Syntax   Dir.Close (streamNumber : int)

Description   Dir.Close is part of a series of four subprograms that help users get directory listings. Dir.Close is used to close a directory stream number opened by Dir.Open. After the directory stream number is closed, it can not be used with Dir.Get or Dir.GetLong.

Details   If the Dir.Close call fails, then Error.Last will return a non-zero value indicating the reason for the failure. Error.LastMsg will return a string which contains the textual version of the error.

Example   This program prints a listing of all the files in the directory datafiles.

        var streamNumber : int
        var fileName : string
        streamNumber := Dir.Open ("datafiles")
        assert streamNumber > 0
            fileName := Dir.Get (streamNumber)
            exit when fileName = ""
            put fileName
        end loop
        Dir.Close (streamNumber)

Status   Exported qualified.

This means that you can only call the function by calling Dir.Close, not by calling Close.