chrinteger-to-character function

Syntax   chr (i : int) : char

Description   The chr function is used to convert an integer to a character. The character is the i-th character of the ASCII sequence of characters (except on the IBM mainframe, which uses the EBCDIC sequence.) For example, chr (65) is "A".

The ord function is the inverse of chr, so for any character c,:

  chr(ord (c)) = c.


Details   There are two sets of characters representing values 128-255: the ANSI values (the default values for Windows), and the MS-DOS OEM character set, which contains various line drawing characters. To use the MS-DOS character set, you must use the setscreen ("msdos") command.

Example   Another example is available that displays the entire characters set, both the regular ANSI character set and the MS_DOS OEM character set.

See also   ord, intstr and strint functions.