addraddress of a variable

Syntax   addr (reference)

Description   The addr attribute is used to find the integer address of a variable or non scalar constant. This is implementation-dependent. This address may be used in an indirection operation @.

Example   Set a to be the address of x.

        var x : real
        var a : addressint := addr (x)
Details   The value of the address produced by addr is of type addressint, an integer type whose range is that of the underlying memory addresses.

The concept of an address is implementation-dependent. For example, an optimizing compiler could determine that a variable does not require space because the program could be computed without the variable with no change in output. However, in most implementations, types have a predictable size and variables of that type occupy that number of bytes in memory.

See also   the indirection operator @, cheat, explicitIntegerConstant (how to write hexadecimal constants), and pointer type (in particular unchecked pointer type). See also sizeof, which returns the size of a variable.