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Imagine Cup Korea ‘07 – Project Hoshimi AI Programming Battle

The fifth year of the Imagine Cup competitions will be holding its finals in Korea this year. Want to receive free travel and accommodations? You’ve got to make it into the finals, and AI Programming category is my personal favourite.

Project Hoshimi Programming Battle (you may skip the quote to just watch the video instead)

Imagine that [...]

Video Game Programming Contest with XNA: Dream Build Play Competition

If anyone needs some extra motivation to work on their dream game, then Dream-Build-Play Competition is it. So far just a teaser, the only published information is that the contest begins in January 2007, and involves developing video games for Xbox360 with the XNA framework.

your dream game – build it today – millions may play [...]

DWITE 2006 – now with Ruby

A quick, but exciting update on the DWITE programming contest – it now supports Ruby! Running the current stable 1.8.5 version, it should make the contest much more interesting.
Ruby has a very neat syntax, making it easy and enjoyable to write. Code redability is vital, and since DWITE is a team competition, it is important [...]


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